July 26, 2016

Dominate Social Media Package

So you have social media profiles, a content strategy and post several times a day. That’s great! But there’s still market share to win through social media. If you’re ready to become the industry expert in the social media space, then you need the Dominate Social Media package.


SERVICES INCLUDES:dominate social media

  • Social Media Profiles Expansion
  • Existing Social Media Profile Audit/Recommendations
  • On-going Content Creation
  • Social Media Content Promotion Strategy
  • Website Content Sharability Audit/Recommendations
  • On-going Brand Content Amplification via Social Media
  • On-going Follower Acquisition Efforts
  • On-going Social Media Activity Reporting
  • On-going Social Media Community Management
Pricing as low as $1,500/month



We’ll customize a “Dominate Social Media” package based on your specific business and industry. Fill out the form below for a custom quote AND a free business online audit.

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